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Broadcast messages quickly, reliably and at scale.

Organizations also use paging in everyday scenarios such as voice overhead paging in both indoor and outdoor environments. Paging systems are user friendly and both automated and one-off messages can be deployed effortlessly. Wicked Technologies will discuss your paging & emergency notification needs and design a solution to improve all of your communications.

Paging systems are vital in emergencies where you need to contact all your employees immediately. Consider an emergency situation such as a fire, natural disaster, or a potentially dangerous intruder. In these scenarios, sending mass text messages is impractical and ineffective. Although today, most people are connected through their mobile devices, relying on these traditional means of communication can be risky. Paging systems are hard-wired into your building’s infrastructure, so it’s not dependent on local phone networks and is more resilient against outside threats.

  • Paging systems are more secure than mobile phone messaging and email

  • Customize and deliver a timely message to a large audience or send unique alerts to specific zones of your organization

  • Paging systems allow for smooth and effective communication in the workplace, no matter the sector