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Increase safety and convenience with innovative, secure access control systems

Wicked Technologies access control solutions provide a level of security that minimizes risk to any business. We will expertly design a solution that meets your access control and intercom needs. From card readers, key fobs and keypads to powerful software to centralize data management and real-time tracking, access control will provide enhanced security measures.

Organizations of any size require dependable, smart access control systems to secure their facilities. Increase your peace of mind with industry-leading access control systems. Secure your property, building or room to authorized persons and help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering sensitive areas. Wicked Technologies’s intercom system is ideal for controlled entry points of your organization, such as a main entrance or security checkpoint. Allow for a frictionless way to enable planned and unannounced visitors, employees and partners access to your facilities.

  • By limiting access to sensitive data to only those who need it, access control systems can reduce the risk of data breaches.

  • Be in total control, with access control that can be modified or revoked quickly

  • Access control systems can save time for those accessing restricted areas with proper authorization

  • Prevent locksmith visits if keys are lost or stolen